Monday, April 22, 2013


Addition to May 17th: 

The 13th Annual Ride for Missing Children - (6:45am-5:30pm)

Sponsored by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/New York (NCMEC/NY), the Ride for Missing Children is a 100-mile ride made by over 180 pledged bicycle riders or "Friends of Missing Children" that raises funds to support prevention education programs and to remember all missing children.

Meetup at Total Sports Experience in Gates.

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  1. Rochester Bike Week 2013 is beginning to look like something completely different from what we (and other cities) have seen in the past!
    There is no central organization planning Bike Week - no Bike Big Brother, as it were. This is a people's Bike Week: every Rochester cyclist may plan, organize, and submit an event, and the "organizers" just coordinate getting out the info.
    This is what Bike Week is about. It's cycling parties, a spring evening cruising with friends, an awesome new bike event, the sound of a hundred wheels and chains at dusk, two full blocks of bicycle color and style moving on East Avenue.
    Let's roll!