Thursday, April 25, 2013

Critical Mass Tomorrow

Critical Mass is a monthly opportunity for Rochester's growing cycling community to come together in a spirit of unity and claim our right to the road.

Critical Mass is a world wide cycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities around the globe. The purpose of Critical Mass is not usually formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city streets on bikes. Critical Mass is a celebration/promotion of cycling and
a statement demanding respect on the road.

Other forms of non-motorized transportation (roller-blades, uni-cycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, ect.) are welcome as long as you can keep up with the modest pace.

6:00 PM, Liberty Pole (Main, East, & Franklin)

This event is NOT meant to be exclusive.... So feel free to:

INVITE EVERY CYCLIST THAT YOU KNOW. All levels of experience are welcome. This is a slower-paced ride.

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